NotEnoughLights Christmas Lights Show, featuring over 400,000 LED lights
One of the biggest Christmas Light Displays in Christchurch City
Lights on from 8:30PM, Come take a look up the drive!

Are we running if it's raining? We are currently closed until November 30 2024.

Find us in Dunluce Place in Hornby, Christchurch. You honestly can't miss it!
Don't forget to check out the others in the street!
Scroll down for a list of lights we suggest you visit too!

You are more than welcome to come up the drive to look, but please keep off all gardens and lawns
We do request that younger children are accompanied by an adult, for their safety

Find us on and leave a vote if you wish! (click the little xmas love heart below the map/directions box) You will also find many other displays around NZ

If you wish to donate to help grow our light show, click the button below

Amazing Grace (Techno version)

Owl City - Light Of Christmas

2021 light show video - Terraria - Frost Moon Theme

2021 light show video - Jubel - Dancing In The Moonlight

We are here:

Please see the below diagram for easy parking as Dunluce Place will have extremely limited parking during the show times

Parking Diagram

Songs featured in the 2023 Light Show

  • Amazing Grace Techno
  • Firework - katy Perry
  • Frostmoon from Terraria
  • Light Of Christmas
  • Shatter Me - Lindsey Stirling
  • Snoopies Christmas
  • Bad Apple
  • Cascada Last Christmas
  • Terraria Day Theme Remix

  • Show times for 2024

    Closing times are approx, if we have a lot of viewers I will keep the show running later if needed

    Monday Closed
    Tuedsay Closed
    Wednesday Closed
    Thursday Closed
    Friday Closed
    Saturday Closed
    Sunday Closed


    From 18th December to Christmas Day the light show will run until 11:30PM

    December 24th show will be the last of the year to finish at 11:30PM

    December 25 onwards, shows finish at 10:30PM, final show on December 31st

    For more info please contact


    We suggest you also check out these light displays!

    650 Shands Road
    24 Kinsella Crescent (And other houses in the same street)
    24 Bermuda Drive, Hornby
    98 Kittyhawk Ave, Wigram
    20 Fergus St, Kaiapoi
    Lots more added daily at

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Questions we get asked many times a day about our light show

    Do we need to pay to enter?

    Nope, you can visit as many times as you want for no cost at all. We do have a donation box at the letterbox if you wish to leave a donation however, this is 100% optional.

    How long does it take to put up the lights?

    We began putting the lights up in September, mostly during weekends and after work

    How much does this cost to run?

    The light show uses very little power all up, about as much as 3 heaters running (About 6500 watts) and costs us somewhere between $10-20 to run, thanks to our Power provider Contact Energy for providing the Good Nights plan which gives us free power from 9pm till Midnight!

    Consider using our Refferal link if you wish to do the same! Our large solar panel system helps offset our power usage as we produce more than we use.

    Do you mow the lawn?


    How many lights do you have?

    340,000+ lights, and this is a best guess!

    How long do the lights stay on for tonight?

    See the Show Times listed above

    How long have you done light displays and how much does it cost?

    About 15 years, the last 7 years of which were musically sequenced I would have to guess over $30,000 has gone into light shows, I try not to keep count.

    Where do I get my lights?

    I get most of my lights from Bunnings Warehouse, and import the more specialised ones seen on the Mega Trees.

    Can I take photos and videos?

    Yes, of course, you're welcome to take as many photos and videos as you want

    How do you control all these lights?

    I use a program called Vixen Lights to sequence the lights, and then lots of control boards that take the signal from the computer and turn it into on and off signals for the lights.
    The lights on the big trees (And other lights that do the same thing) are run from special controllers that can talk to the whole string at once.